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'Kingmaker' Board Game

'Kingmaker' Board Game


Ariel (1974 edition)

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Kingmaker recreates the exciting period in England's history best known as the Wards of the Roses. The game takes as its basis the concept that the dynastic struggle between the royal houses of Lancaster and York was in reality a series of brutal and bloody power struggles between factions of self-interested noble families, with the Yorkist and Lancastrian princes the pawns in a greater game of gaining control of the country in the name of one or other monarch. Players control pieces representing the noble families as they seek power by a combination of military, political and diplomatic skills.



This game is in brilliant condition and may never have actually been played. The board is absolutely immaculate and, as you would expect, the cards and counters are in mint condition. Likewise with the substantial rule booklet. The picture on the box lid is vibrant and colourful; all corners are firmly intact without the use of sellotape and there is no warping or bending to the box whatsoever. We have never seen an edition of this highly sought after classic in such excellent condition. A genuine vintage board game that is certain to impress.

For 2 or more players.


Please note: the photographs shown are of an item previously sold. The game pieces for the Kingmaker game that we currently have in stock have been punched. But as stated in the above description, they are in immaculate condition. The condition of the game currently for sale is at least as good as the one pictured.


Game Contents:

1 x game board

38 x game pieces (23 x noble pieces, 8 x ship pieces, 7 x royal pieces)

72 x crown cards

80 x event cards (plus 5 x spares)

Faction counters

Rule booklet

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