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'Buccaneer' Board Game

'Buccaneer' Board Game


Waddingtons (1938 edition)

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'BUCCANEER' BOARD GAME: The idea of the game is to collect treasure to a total value of 20 points made up by adding the value of the last cargo brought to the player's Home Port to that of any treasure already there - whether in the Safety Zone or in Docks. A player collects treasure by sailing his ship from his Home Port to visit Treasure Island where the draw of a chance card may give him treasure or crew, or to another Port for trading, or to attack another ship. On attacking an opponent's ship, treasure or crew are taken by the winner - the one with the greater fighting value. Fighting value is therefore important for defence as well as attack.

Quite possibly the most sought after vintage board game of them all, Buccaneer has been treasured by generations of board game enthusiasts for almost eight decades. That it still remains in production (the latest edition being inspired by the Hollywood film Pirates of the Caribbean) confirms the enduring playability of this family classic. Although there are now a number of early editions available, it is difficult to find an example that is complete and in good condition - and of course the older the edition, the more difficult this becomes. 

The copy currently available is fully complete, contents in very good condition, expected age wear and tear to tube and contents box.

For 2 - 6 players.


Game Contents:

1 x game map (with protective cardboard tube)

1 x treasure island

6 x ships

6 x masts

6 x sails

6 x gold bars

6 x diamonds

6 x rubies

6 x pearls

9 x barrels

28 x chance cards

52 x crew cards

Laws of the game insert

Rule sheet


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