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'Game Of The Year' Board Game

'Game Of The Year' Board Game


Spear's Games (1989 edition)

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'GAME OF THE YEAR' BOARD GAME: Around the board in 366 days for the most amusing and competitve year of your life! Did you ever appear on stage? Have you failed at least one exam? Do you approve of blood sports? And when is your birthday? Why do the answers to these questions matter? Because, when playing Game Of The Year, the players themselves are are part of the game - their own real lives, habits, possessions, likes and dislikes affect the final result. The playing board is an actual calendar - full of chances and hazards. The idea is to race along the year, landing on 'good' days and avoiding 'bad' ones. The winner is the player who had the best year: the year with the most Red Letter Days.

The game is fully complete and in excellent condition throughout. The box is clean and remains fully intact without any use of sellotape. The game board is immaculate and every playing piece, card and token is likewise in flawless condition.

For 2 - 6 players.


Game Contents:

1 x game board

1 x calendar spinner

1 x diary of events

6 x playing pieces

12 x holiday cards

30 x lucky number cards

36 x chance cards

36 x hazard cards

A full compliment of red letter day tokens

Money in various denominations

Rule booklet


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