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'Supremacy' Board Game

'Supremacy' Board Game


Supremacy Games (1986 edition)

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'SUPREMACY' BOARD GAME: The game of the Superpowers. Here is your chance to be the leader of a Superpower. Your objective is to conquer the world through economic, political and military strategy. Supremacy is the game where you make decisions that face Superpower leaders today. Should you sell oil or buy grain? Built armies and navies or launch laser stars? Your toughest decision will be: to "nuke or not to "nuke"?

The game is fully complete and in excellent condition throughout. The box, which shows only minor signs of storage wear, is sturdy and clean and every corner is intact without any use of sellotape. The game board is practically flawless and the resource cards are in very good to excellent condition: none are bent, torn or creased in any way. The counters are immaculate and the money is as new. The supply centre cards and rule booklets are in brilliant condition.

Awards: Ten Best Games of 1985 (OMNI Magazine); Games 100 (Games Magazine)

For 2 - 6 players.


Game Contents:

1 x game board

1 x banker's tray

1 x packet of mushroom clouds

1 x packet of meters

4 x dice

6 x supply centre cards

6 x sets of playing pieces each comprising:

  - 12 x navy pieces

  - 40 x army pieces

65 x resource cards

Money in various denominations

Rule booklet

Strategy and tactics sheet


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